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According to a study in 2017, the ‘instagrammability’ of a location is the most important factor for millennials choosing a holiday destination. I combined the data from this study with my knowledge of social video and created a content series called ‘Roam for the Gram’ which explored the most instagrammable places in a city. As part of the campaign I led with VisitBritain, my team and I created an episode on the most instagrammable spots in London.

The show was designed differently for each social network it went live on to ensure that it was tailored to how the audience digest content on each platform.  

On Facebook it was designed square, which fills more space on the newsfeed than a landscape video, and it was fast-paced to cater to shorter attention spans.

The Best Instagram Spots In London

The most instagrammable spots in London 😍📸

Posted by UNILAD Adventure on Sunday, 18 March 2018

On YouTube we included commentary to cater to a higher percentage of the audience who watch the video with sound on (on the Facebook edit, around 70% of people watched the video with the sound turned off), and we also designed it longer to make the most of higher retention rates on YouTube, and to rank higher in YouTube's algorithm.

On Instagram stories, we designed it 16:9 to fill the whole screen, made use of the tap feature to make the story feel more interactive and also utilised location tags and hashtags to maximise exposure. (Click to view.)

Campaign Target: 1 million views

Campaign Result: 3 million views

Combining an unparalleled knowledge of social media with travel data and trends enabled us to not only hit our target on this campaign, but achieve triple the target views, completely organically.