Sam Bentley. Travel + Social Media Entrepreneur Forbes 30 Under 30 / Co-Founder of UNILAD


Social Media Consultancy.

I can analyse your social platforms and help implement strategies that I used to create the most engaged social media channels in the world.

Content Creation.

With record breaking statistics on our social media content and nominations for the Best Use of Content on a Social Platform, me and my team of talented videographers and video editors can help you create content perfectly tailored for your social media platforms.

Content Optimisation.

Sometimes there’s no need to create more content, you may simply just not be making the most out of your current bank of content. I can help you optimise your existing footage to be designed for social media with the help of a talented team of video editors.

Training & Team Building.

I grew one of the largest and most innovative and forward thinking social media teams in the UK. I can help implement that training into your own business to help build out your social media team and help upskill your current staff.

Social Media Management.

Being in charge of a collection of the most viewed social channels in the world across Facebook and Instagram, me and my team have an unparalleled experience in managing multiple social platforms.

I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the travel space, helping them create content tailored for social media.

Brands I've Worked With

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